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Defending Religious Freedom: Join Our Campaign Today

The federal government’s proposed Religious Discrimination Bill and amendments to the Sex Discrimination Act, pose significant threats to the free expression of religious beliefs and practices.


Stop the Attack on Christian Education and Religious Freedom in Australia

The ALRC has recommended sweeping reforms that would force Christian schools to compromise their deeply held beliefs on sexuality and gender…

Fairness For All Australians: Reject Biased Inquiry

The Australian Human Rights Commission’s (AHRC) recent inquiry into transgender human rights has raised serious concerns among experts and advocacy groups…

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Protect babies born alive in failed abortions

These babies are not considered human beings because they’re unwanted. They have no right to life, despite having a beating heart and a fully developed body…

Misinformation and Disinformation Bill

Oppose the Government’s attempts to enforce ideological conformity in Australia

One Click Away

Children are just one click away from accessing or being accidentally exposed to pornography online…

Outdoor Advertising Should Be G-Rated

Everywhere you look – on billboards, bus shelters and in shopping centres – there are explicit and offensive images…

Explicit Children’s Books Do Not Belong in Public Libraries


Election 19 October 2024

Find out when Election Forums are on and take part…

Parliament House, Canberra


Reject the Equality Bill


Election 24 August 2024

Find out when Election Forums are on and take part…


QLD Live Births Bill

On 20 March 2024, Robbie Katter MP, Member for Traeger, introduced the Termination of Pregnancy (Live Births) Amendment Bill 2024 into the Queensland Parliament and referred it to the Health, Environment and Agriculture Committee for examination…

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A Decriminalised Sex Industry: The Perfect Storm For Youth Crime

Decriminalising prostitution will have dire consequences that could fuel an epidemic of youth exploitation and crime…

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Objection To The Proposed Amendments Of The Education (General Provisions) And Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2024 – Homeschooling

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Election 26 October 2024

Find out when Election Forums are on and take part…

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Get Disturbing Sex-Ed Out Of SA Schools 

Ideology-based third-party groups are vying to teach your children sex education under the guise of ‘anti-bullying’ and ‘respectful relationships’ programs…

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Reverse Premier’s Decision To Stifle Gender Inquiry!

The South Australian Labor government announced it would not be supporting independent MLC Frank Pangallo’s motion for an inquiry into the care provided to children and adolescents with gender dysphoria…

Help Protect Religious Freedom In SA

If you live in South Australia, your participation in this email campaign will have a positive impact on securing religious freedom protections for our State…

Time For SA To Lead The Way On Prostitution Law Reform

In an Australian first, the Hon. Nicola Centofanti introduced an Equality Model prostitution law into the South Australian Upper House…


Election 23 March 2024

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Victorian Schools

Over the past few years, numerous reports indicate that academic performance among Victorian students has been in steady decline…