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Sexualisation of Society

Unveiling truth, empowering change

The increasing sexualisation of our society has many damaging effects on individuals, families and nations. It’s a distortion of God’s intended image for human sexuality, and the consequences are far-reaching, widely documented, and profoundly tragic. From explicit content in advertising, TV, and social media, through to the proliferation of pornography online, there are multiple sullied streams of addictive, destructive influence that objectify sex, which can flow into its sale through prostitution and sex trafficking, as the recent film The Sound of Freedom powerfully exposed.
As we’ll discover, the roots of these insidious societal issues are closer to home than governments would like to acknowledge, with Australia ranking in the top 10 of porn consumers worldwide.

But there is hope for change, and you can be part of it! Please read the resources below and join our efforts to see a society that safeguards human dignity and respect, and together, let’s strive to understand, educate, and advocate for a brighter, more just future.

This page empowers you to take action and stand up against the sexualisation of society.


The Sound of Freedom, now screening around our nation, represents a ‘Wilberforce moment’ to stand together against the evils of sex trafficking

Uncover the chilling reality of modern-day slavery in this eye-opening Fridays with Francis episode. Join Wendy Francis as she delves into the crucial connections between pornography, prostitution, and sex trafficking. Watch now to understand the urgent need for change and the power of the Nordic Model.


The Nordic Model is an innovative response to prostitution, also known as the Sex Buyer Law. This approach decriminalises the prostituted, offers exit support, and criminalises buying sex to combat sex trafficking. Embraced in countries like Sweden, Norway, and Canada, ACL has long advocated for Australia to adopt this model. South Australia recently became the first Australian State to adopt this model of prostitution legislation reform – let’s pray and encourage more to follow their lead in being proactive about solving this issue. Please join us in challenging exploitation, advocating for justice, and promoting a society that values the well-being of all. Together, let’s make a difference!

Explicit Children’s Books Do Not Belong in Public Libraries

Preserving innocence: Join our campaign for safer libraries

Our public libraries play a vital role in nurturing young minds through literature. However, we’re noticing an alarming trend – the featuring of highly graphic and sexualised books in children’s sections. At ACL, we believe in safeguarding our children’s innocence. Our “Keep Our Public Libraries Safe for Kids” campaign aims to address this issue. Join us in taking action by checking your local libraries, capturing any unsuitable material, and sending it to us. Together, we can ensure that libraries provide a safe space for age-appropriate reading, respecting the values we hold dear.

One Click Away

That’s all it takes…

Did you know that research indicates a staggering 69% of boys and 23% of girls in Australia are exposed to pornography at the tender age of 13 or even younger? This early exposure can have far-reaching negative impacts on a child’s development and well-being.

Through our campaign, we aim to raise awareness and advocate for the implementation of age verification technology. By signing our petition, you become a vital voice in urging the government to take swift action in safeguarding children from accidental exposure to explicit material.

Outdoor Advertising

Help make our outdoor spaces safe for our children

In a world where the reach and influence of advertising has never been more pervasive, we believe that our public spaces should be restored to places of respect and dignity. Our campaign addresses the concerning issue of explicit content in outdoor advertising, particularly its potential impact on children and vulnerable individuals. By advocating for G-rated outdoor advertising, we aspire to create an environment where the dignity of every person, especially our children, is upheld, and society is shielded from harmful influences. Join us in this crucial conversation and take a step towards safeguarding the future of our communities.

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