“First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions…” –1 Tim 2:1-2a

"In advocating for religious freedom and the gospel, we must not merely be people who act, but even more importantly, people who pray." –Martyn Iles

Here are some specific prayer requests...

- Threats to Christian schools (NT/WA/Qld): Changes to legislation in these states could mean serious problems for Christian schools. Pray that these proposed changes will be rejected, so that schools can hire teachers who share their faith.

- Euthanasia / Territory laws (NT/ACT): The Payne-Gosling Bill passed in the Lower House and will be debated in the Senate. Pray the bill will be rejected to stop euthanasia from spreading further in our nation. 

- Conversion Suppression laws (TAS): The Tasmanian Law Reform Commission has recommended draconian Conversion Suppression laws, and the Premier has expressed his support. Pray these proposals will be strongly rejected. 

- Changes to Discrimination Act (ACT): A draft bill proposes big changes to the Discrimination Act which will have a significant impact on churches and enable Government overreach into the life of the church. Pray these changes will not be passed.

- Changing gendered language (ACT): A bill has been tabled to remove gendered language from all legislation. Pray that this will not be supported.

- Free abortions (ACT): The ACT Government has announced it will provide free abortions from next year. There are calls for free abortions to be provided nationwide, and for nurses to be allowed to give out abortion pills. Pray for stronger opposition to abortion in this nation.

- Gender clinics (Nationwide): Pray that the Government will conduct an unbiased, independent inquiry into how to best treat children with gender dysphoria, and for the 'affirmation model of therapy' to be banned.

- Parental Rights Bill (NSW): Pray that the bill will be able to move forward to protect parental rights in law. 

- Decriminalising Prostitution (SA): This legislation is on the agenda in SA. Pray that the government will adopt the Equality Model of prostitution law reform - which has much better outcomes for vulnerable women.

- Anti-Vilification Bill (Vic): The government supports most of the recommendations we were concerned about, which will restrict free speech. It will take a while to be drafted into a bill. In the meantime, keep praying that freedom of speech will be protected.  

- Born Alive Bill (Federal): Pray that the government will allow this private member's bill to be debated and that it will pass - so that babies born alive in failed abortions are given medical care and pain relief.  

- Human Rights Law Alliance: Pray for HRLA lawyers to have wisdom and favour as they defend Christians who are facing discrimination for their faith. Pray that God will draw many more Christian lawyers to join their alliance.

- Ukraine: Pray for peace. Pray for protection for Ukrainians who are fighting, and for provision and safety for those who are displaced. Pray that Russia will be thwarted in their efforts to take over the country.

- Afghanistan: Continue to pray for hope, stability and safety for Afghans - especially Christians. Afghanistan has now overtaken North Korea as the world's worst persecutor of Christians.  

- Churches: Pray for Australian churches to grow in size, spiritual maturity, and effectiveness in discipling believers. Pray that many more Australians will turn to Christ and find a church home to belong to. 

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