QLD: Say NO to the legal falsification of birth certificates

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The Queensland Government’s new Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Bill 2022 is irresponsible and dangerous. 

The Bill was introduced by Attorney General, Shannon Fentiman, on the last Parliamentary sitting day of the year, and referred to a committee with a deadline of 11 January for public submissions. 

The Legal Affairs and Safety Committee has recommended that Parliament pass the bill without amendment. This decision was made despite over 170 submissions opposing the bill. ACL’s submission can be read here.

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The ill-conceived Bill, which provides opportunity for sexual predators to legally change their sex by simply filling in a form to legally falsify their sex and gain access to female-only spaces, has deeply concerned feminist movements, as it should. Under new legislation, sex and gender will be conflated and biological males will be given the legal option of changing their ‘sex’ to ‘female’ and enjoying the legal status of a woman.

Please let the Premier, Attorney General, Leader of the Opposition, Shadow Attorney General, and your local Member of Parliament know that this bill is completely unacceptable.

When you complete your name and address in the box below, your letter will be directed to Annastacia Palaszuk (Premier), Shannon Fentiman (Attorney General), David Crisafulli (Opposition Leader), Tim Nicholls (Shadow Attorney General), and your local Member of Parliament.

Thank you for calling for the integrity of birth records, and for the protection of women’s rights and security in Queensland.