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Having passed the Lower House, a bill to overturn a 25-year-old ban on the ACT and the Northern Territory legislating assisted suicide will be tabled in the coming months in the Federal Senate.

This is despite a stated national priority being to listen to Indigenous Australians – who strongly oppose introducing euthanasia in the Territories.

This is something every Australian should be concerned about as it will negatively affect our First Nations people.  

Indigenous communities believe euthanasia is abhorrent, frightening and at odds with the way they deal with dying culturally. Indigenous elders warn that the introduction of euthanasia would lead to Indigenous people not seeking out medical help when it’s needed, particularly in remote regions.

Furthermore, with young Indigenous Australian suicide rates more than twice as high as non-Indigenous Australians, and suicide rates steadily rising for Indigenous males, it is entirely inappropriate for MPs to be focused on legislating assisted suicide in the very place that has the highest population of Indigenous Australians - the NT.

Please email ALL Senators to ask them to vote against this dangerous, and politically tone-deaf bill.

If you feel conflicted about euthanasia, please watch this 2-minute video by Martyn Iles…

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