While many of us (over 28,000) in fact, have signed ACL’s open letter of support to Israel Folau, Peter and Kath Stevens along with their friends have gone a step further and actually stood in public for Izzy. Last Saturday Peter and a group of friends stood near the busy Blackwood roundabout in Adelaide with a sign “Freedom of Speech in Chains.”

A Mitcham Council Officer required him to remove the sign and said words to the effect “you can’t be bible bashing around here”.  The sign was removed but the officer said he would issue a fine.

Peter and Kathy then met with the Mayor of Mitcham and the fine was waived, for which they remain grateful.

Since then Peter and Kathy and friends have stood by the roadside with gaffer tape over their mouths with messages in support of Izzy.

They intend to remain there until Saturday and if you want to join them I am sure they will appreciate your support.

If you want to contact the Mitcham Council to voice your support of Peter and Kathy - go for it.