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Public Christianity

1. Equal Opportunity - inherent requirements test

The Equal Opportunity Act 2010 allows faith-based schools to prefer the employment of staff that share their faith and values.

Will your Party maintain the existing religious exemptions in the EO Act?

Family First
Family First
  • Family First will seek to maintain the existing exemptions.
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2. Equal Opportunity - VHREOC own-motion powers

Extreme powers to investigate matters without having received a prior complaint were removed from the Victorian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission in 2011.

Will your Party commit to maintaining the existing law in this regard?

Family First
Family First
  • Family First will seek to maintain the existing law.
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3. Role for the Church

Christian charities and churches play an important public role in Victoria through the provision of education, welfare and health services.

What has your Party done to foster good relationships with religious communities, and how does it plan to work with them during the life of the next parliament?

Family First
Family First
  • Family First will continue to advocate for religious communities and promote within the Government the outcomes achieved if elected.
  • Family First maintains a strong connection with the local church across Australia through its members and elected representatives at a federal and state level.

Family First is against the introduction of any legislation that impacts on the freedom of religious expression of the church within the community.  We maintain that the role and impact of churches within our society is something that is to be celebrated, not legislated against.

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